Quad Core 29g Aliens


Quad cores are great for getting lower ohms while using smaller cores! These coils create a warm, dense vape made for single cell, parallel and regulated mods only.* One of my favorite coil specs!

  • 4 strands of 29g with a 38g outer alien wrap
  • Wrapped with a 3mm diameter
  • Dual coil = 0.13-0.15 ohm, Single coil = 0.27-0.29 ohm
  • Using all high quality Twistedmesses Nichrome80 (TMN80)
  • Two(2) individual coils per set

* DO NOT use with unregulated SERIES devices. DO NOT use batteries with tears in the wrap. Please use quality, high drain batteries only. Always be aware of Ohms Law and SAFETY FIRST! 

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