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Quad Core Alien

Sale price$20.00

Achieve a superior vaping experience with Quad Core Alien, providing a dense, warm flavor that can be adjusted to a cooler, more mellow taste. The smaller core wires of this product allow for lower ohms, resulting in a faster ramp time compared to triple core options.

Two(2) individual coils per set

27g, 3mm - Dual coil = 0.07-0.9 ohm, Single coil = 0.15-0.17 ohm

28g, 3mm - Dual coil = 0.09-0.11 ohm, Single coil = 0.19-0.21 ohm

29g, 3mm - Dual coil = 0.13-0.15 ohm, Single coil = 0.27-0.29 ohm

30g, 3mmDual coil = 0.17-0.19 ohm, Single coil = 0.34-0.37 ohm

* DO NOT use with unregulated SERIES devices. DO NOT use batteries with tears in the wrap. Please use quality, high drain batteries only. Always be aware of Ohms Law and SAFETY FIRST! 

Battery recommendations:

  • 18650 - Molicel P28A, Sony VTC5A
  • 20700 - Sayno NCR20700A/NCR2070C
  • 21700 - Molicel P45B, Samsung 30T
Core Wire:
Quad Core Alien
Quad Core Alien Sale price$20.00