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Fuji Pear Mangoberry - A blend of fresh Fuji Apples, Sweet Pears, Ripe Mangos, and Succulent Berries. A tropical fruit explosion!
Watermelon Hula Berry Lime - An infusion of Sweet Watermelon, Hula Berry, and Fresh Squeezed Lime. A sweet and tart delight!
Pineapple Peach Dragonberry - A flavor explosion comprised of juicy pineapples, sweet peaches, and exotic dragonfruit, topped with a few berries. A truly unique concoction! 
Blood Orange Tangoberry - A bright and vibrant mix of sweet blood orange, juicy grapefruit, and fresh tangoberries!

Pink Punchberry: Strawberry watermelon lemonade with just a hint of lime.

Blue Punchberry: Sour blue raspberry lemonade with just a hint of lime.

  • 100ml Bottles
  • 30% PG / 70% VG
  • Available in 6mg (0.6% nicotine), 3mg (0.3% nicotine) and 0mg (nicotine free)
MG Strength:
MRKTPLCE E-Liquid Sale price$25.00